Since 2020 the Stazione Leopolda srl has followed a course that would improve the environmental, social and economic sustainability of its activities and those of its suppliers and clients and obtain certification as a sustainable events location in accordance with the ISO 20121international standard.

In this way, the Leopolda has become the ideal platform for anyone wishing to organize their event following environmental and socially responsible criteria.

The vision for this course is linked to the evolution of the Stazione Leopolda as an international point of reference for anyone wishing to host their event in a unique and sustainable space and, at the same time, to become a driving force capable of generating direct and indirect economic and employment effects in the region.

The Florentine exhibition space owned by Pitti Immagine is one of the first Italian locations to obtain international ISO 20121 certification, thanks to good practices such as eco layouts zero km supply chains, public mobility and waste sorting.

Stazione Leopolda shares values and principals with the proprietor Pitti Immagine such as: Innovation, Research, Independence, Expertise and Internationality. Added to these values are the UNI ISO 20121 principles which Stazione Leopolda decided to embrace by initiating the certification process:


understood as the desire to share information, concrete experiences and good practices regarding its own objectives and socio-environmental results with stakeholders;


understood as the desire to listen to and involve all the stakeholders in a full, significant manner with no exclusions;


understood as the capacity to keep the promises and commitments made to all the parties concerned;


understood as paying attention to the expectations and rights of the parties concerned, awareness of and responsibility for the impact of each single action carried out.