The building offers a gross covered area of 6.000 sq. m. structured in two main sections: Stazione Leopolda and the Alcatraz section.

Stazione Leopolda

Stazione Leopolda is structured in a unique space under a metallic roof divided into two 15 m wide sections that are respectively 140 (Area 1) and 100 (Area 2) meters long; ceiling height averages 7.5 m, exceeding 12 meters at the end point of Area 1. The 1,100 sq. m. outside yard was redesigned by Gae Aulenti in 1996.


The Alcatraz section is a former warehouse, annexed to the station. The building spans two floors, covering a surface area of 1,500 sq. m. .The ground floor comprises a central area of 500 sq. m. that leads to a series of rooms - each with windows - totaling an additional 280 sq. m.

The two upper levels comprise a rectangular gallery - 250 sq. m. per floor - characterized by reinforced original concrete shelving, once used to store hardware. The first floor has an additional 280 sq. m. of rooms with windows. Stazione Leopolda is equipped with all of the essential and most modern conveniences for fair-exhibition and the expert, on-site staff can satisfy any technical and organizational needs.

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Stazione Leopolda

Outside Yard

1.110 sq. m

Area 1

2.100 sq. m

Area 2

1.500 sq. m

Area 3

650 sq. m


Ground floor

780 sq. m

First floor

530 sq. m