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Single Member Company of Pitti Immagine Srl
Via Faenza, 113
50123 Firenze
Tax Number, VAT Number and Registration Number: 02339950483
Subscribed and paid up Share Capital: € 99,000

Headquarters and offices
Via Faenza 113
T+39 055 212622
F+39 055 212551

Organizational Model and other obligations related to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 Stazione Leopolda Srl (The "Company") has adopted the model of organization and management (the "Model") provided for by the Decree no. 231/2001, which introduced a system of administrative liability for companies for certain types of crimes. The model consists of a "General Part" and individual "Special Parts" prepared for the various types of crimes and offenses to be prevented.
Any violation or suspected violation of the Model and/or any other pertinent information concerning the implementation of the model can be reported to the Company's Supervisory Board.
Reports can be sent by e-mail at the following address: or in hard copy to the following address:

Stazione Leopolda S.r.l.
Supervisory Board
Giulio Caselli Lawyer
Calabrese Ioppolo Caselli Law Firm
50123 Firenze - Via Montebello n. 76
tel. fax.