27 mag 2016Stazione LeopoldaExhibitionsOpen to the public/free admissionFirenze metalmeccanica
the value of the work

“Firenze Metalmeccanica - The value of the work” takes place from may 27th to may 30th at Stazione Leopolda. The exhibition is edited by Fiom Cgil Firenze and is open from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm - Free entrance -

Florentine Metal Workers' Excellence Exhibition
Perhaps not everyone knows that the mechanical engineering industry in Florence has a consistent and qualified presence.
The industry employs about 40,000 people, creating breakthrough products and providing a valid contribution to the local economy. second only to the Tourism one.
Hence "Firenze Metalmeccanica", through which the Fiom Cgil has gathered some of the finest Florentine engineering works to highlight them and create interest in this field, but also to remind us all how important they are to the present and the future of the territory and its population.
This is a heritage that is consistent with the Florentine history and culture, yet constituting one of the foundations of its development and the well-being of its citizens.
From the anvil to the satellite, from Mugello to Chianti, Fiom proudly develops an exhibition inside the “Stazione Leopolda”, the historic workshop for major repairs. This exposition guides the visitor through the “labour maps”, which are set to identify places, activities, production quantities and producers.
The current negative economic conjecture and innovation processes continuously transform the nature of work, where manufacturing capabilities meet engineering skills, because the value of an individual lives behind every artifact, machine or product. Nowadays, this essential value is often overlooked, neglected and trampled. While we are currently witnessing that the number of mechanical employees is exceeding that of workers, we can still state that Florentine metal workers' knowhow, skills and brain represent a guarantee.